Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom

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The Crystal Kingdom is starting to lose its color because a greedy King has taken all of the three beautiful crystals that make it colorful. Help Dora and Boots, along with their new friend Allie, travel through a storybook world and find those crystals before it's too late! Join Dora and Boots on a colorful new adventure. Collect all of the missing crystals to restore the color of Crystal Kingdom. How to play: First step,click the rock in order when the mouse pointer turns to blue ,then allie jets out flames to melt these rocks and first crystal appreas at last. Second , use mouse to select the right letters which watches the incomplete words and pictures given below,finally the second crystal will be found.Last ,fighting with the greedy King following dora's guide , you will catch the third crystal when succeed.This game seems little slow step by step when playing, please pay more patient and have good luck.