Cake Factory 3

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You haven't thought that in this cake cooking game you would do everything by hand, now did you? Since you own your own cake factory, you will have there several employees to do your work. Also, imagine that in the cake maker game you will have all sorts of machineries, too so it's serious business, you're running a very important cake factory. Let's see how does it work, than! So basically, all you have to do is click on your mouse and you will give all the necessary commands from the distance. Pay attention to follow the right order indicated in the cake cooking game. You wouldn't want to drop the strawberries for example, first and than to bake the paste. The machineries are all numbered to make it even easier for you, so get it started, make those delicious cakes that every one of your customers is so crazy about! It's a super fun cake cooking game that, you'll see, will help you make your mother proud of you at the next birthday party!